Our mission is to actively support the people of the community by providing services and facilities that exceed their expectations at affordable costs.


Inspired Communities through this endeavour will ensure that our communities benefit both now and in the future, by providing opportunities for everyone to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.

Promote equality between different groups in the community whilst also addressing the diverse needs of individuals by providing appropriate, accessible and effective services to all sections of the community without discrimination or prejudice.

Inspired communities will introduce intergenerational activities within the communities that will strengthen the bond between exercise and socialising as a family making healthier and active communities.

Inspired communities will focus on the core foundation blocks of Karate/Fitness and Exercise which are development of one’s confidence and self-esteem, discipline, courtesy and politeness which mirror many of the challenges people experience throughout their daily lives.

Paul Campbell 8th Dan, Sport & Recreation Management BA(Hons) 


Inspired Communities is also Member of Sported.

Membership Number : 3371

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