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Karate from ages 4 years +. Helps build confidence, Promotes discipline, Develops fitness & weight management, Increases focus

About Us


Come and see for yourself the difference Karate, Fitness and Exercise can make to your daily lives. We offer karate classes for all ages and abilities. We take students from the age of 4, and focus on them to increase their attention spans.

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Watching my children train in classes each week, temptation got the better of me, and with my fitness not as good as it could be I decided to renew my membership with the club I last trained at 28 years ago with the goal of improving my fitness.

Now, we enjoy training as a family, helping each other with a fair amount of fun and enjoyment along the way.

Not only do the children enjoy the classes, the club offers various social activities outside training which helps them to build friendship bonds with whom they train with.

We look forward to celebrating achievements as a family in the future.

Zoe Walters 2020  


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